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Prefer to learn in a live environment where you can ask as many questions as you need? 

Live Zoom workshops are for you. 

Nurse Sibs cultivates a fun and safe learning environment where you can feel comfortable asking questions and get high quality time to practice what you have learned and get feedback in real time. No boring lectures here!


Check out any upcoming workshops and lock your spot in ASAP (we love a small group to keep your education as personalised as possible).  


Left and Right Bundle Branch Blocks: 3 Steps to Picking Them Quickly

Want to be one of those nurses who can pick a left or a right bundle branch block in 3 seconds flat? 

This workshop will teach you exactly that; in three very simple steps that Nurse Sibs uses every time she looks at an ECG. 

Left and Right Bundle Branch Blocks: 3 Steps to Picking them Quickly is a free hour workshop on Zoom that, in true Nurse Sibs style, takes a complex topic and makes it fun, simple, easy to understand and gives you time to interactively practice with Nurse Sibs to get your new (and very impressive) skill of picking a LBBB or RBBB in a matter of seconds down pat. 

Date: Saturday 13th of July at 10am AEST

Watch the recording here:


ECG Interpretation Workshop

The Introduction to Interpreting ECGs Workshop by Nurse Sibs is a 3 hour workshop aimed at nurses who are at a beginner level of interpreting ECGs. This workshop is a completely new way of teaching ECGs and empowers nurses to use their knowledge and critical thinking when taking and reading ECGs. 


Suited best to EN's, RN's and students in third year, however, students at other year levels are welcome to attend, it is just recommended that some prior revision of the cardiac conduction system and ECG basics are done as these are covered relatively quickly in the workshop. 


A certificate of completion can be provided on request after completion of the workshop - please email to request this for your own learning portfolio. 

Dates for 2024 TBA

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