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Want to feel more confident in looking at
your patients ECG?

I have been exactly where you are! 


Over my entire career specialising in Cardiology, I have created my easy to follow 5 step interpretation method designed specifically for busy nurses. Because let's be real, we have a thousand things to do in a shift so we want things to be as simple and efficient as possible, all while keeping our patients as safe as possible. What you will learn in this course (covered below) are all potentially life-saving skills for nurses to have!


In this course I will teach you the exact method I use with every single ECG I look at, in a very simple, fun and interactive way that will teach you how to interpret AND articulate your ECG findings!

By the end of this course, you will be able to


Interpret and articulate your patients ECG findings without focusing so hard on counting little and big boxes


Escalate your patients ECG findings like a boss


Prioritise your patients care with their ECG in mind


Develop your critical thinking using ECGs as part of your decision making


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