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As a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology with a fun and welcoming educational style that focuses on explaining things in the simplest way possible, Nurse Sibs' self-paced online courses are a great place for you to broaden your knowledge, increase your confidence and add to your CPD portfolio. Check our her two signature courses here. 

ECG Interpretation for Nurses Online Course

A self-paced online course aimed at nurses who don't feel confident in interpreting or articulating their findings of their patients' ECGs. 

With lifetime access to 6 modules, this course goes over Nurse Sibs 5-step interpretation method of interpreting ECGs and how nurses should articulate their findings appropriately. 


Start Your Grad Year Strong Mentoring 

A 6-week mentoring course designed for brand new grad nurses to support, guide and educate you through the first 6 weeks of your grad year. 

Think of Sibs as your second grad year preceptor and biggest hype girl for those first few overwhelming weeks! 

For full course information, including module breakdown and FAQs, and to sign up, follow the link below. 

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