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As a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Cardiology, Nurse Sibs provides a variety of education and support for nurses and nursing students delivered in a variety of ways. 

In addition to the courses and workshops detailed on this page, @nursesibs on Instagram and TikTok are also where she creates easy to understand nursing education. 

ECG Interpretation for Nurses Online Course

A self-paced online course aimed at nurses who don't feel confident in interpreting and/or articulating their findings of their patients' ECGs. 

With lifetime access to 6 modules + a regularly updated bonus module, this course goes over Nurse Sibs 5-step interpretation method of interpreting ECGs and how nurses should articulate their findings appropriately. 

For full course information, including module breakdown and FAQs, and to sign up, follow the link below. 


Start Your Grad Year Strong Mentoring 

A 6-week mentoring course designed for brand new grad nurses to support, guide and educate you through the first 6 weeks of your grad year. 

Along with the mentoring provided in each weeks' video and activity book, you get a live Q and A call with Nurse Sibs to debrief and chat all about how your grad year is going, anything that has come up or you are struggling with.  

Think of Sibs as your second grad year preceptor and biggest hype girl! 

For full course information, including module breakdown and FAQs, and to sign up, follow the link below. 


ECG Interpretation Workshop

The Introduction to Interpreting ECGs Workshop by Nurse Sibs is a half-day (3-hour) workshop aimed at nurses who are at a beginner level of interpreting ECGs. This workshop is a completely new way of teaching ECGs and empowers nurses to use their knowledge and critical thinking when taking and reading ECGs. 


Suited best to EN's, RN's and students in third year, however, students at other year levels are welcome to attend, it is just recommended that some prior revision of the cardiac conduction system and ECG basics are done as these are covered relatively quickly in the workshop. 


A certificate of completion is provided to add to attendees own learning portfolios. 

Dates for 2023 TBA


1 on 1 Coaching

Gain clarity and confidence in your nursing career from placement prep and debriefing, to grad year support and general guidance.


As I am passionate about nurses and nursing students feeling supported to create a fulfilling life both at work and outside of work, my one-on-one calls are how I can provide the most value to help you achieve that.


Business coaching for nurses looking to get an idea to business ready and beyond is also something I would love to help you with. 

To book a call, follow the link below. 

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